Outsource Providers

                  ********** As your business grows, the need to outsource becomes greater and greater. Currently our  three favorite sites to find quality providers that we can outsource projects to are:     www.Fiverr.com www.WarriorForum.com www.ODesk.com       Here is an example of someone that provides A-Z Product Launch, and looks very interesting. CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN LAUNCHING A PRODUCT   Another over looked source for finding Oursourcers is Craiglist.  Yes, Craigslist, this website is worth checking out.      Click Here to See the Video

Best Free Backlink Checker

It seems that the number of free website backlink checkers are constantly coming and going all the time. I am not going to get into the whole should I or shouldn’t I create backlinks debate. I have been on both sides of this issues, and currently I have never stopped building backlinks. I am far from and SEO guru, and truthfully, I don’t spend a great deal of time on the subject. I just try to provide good content and I feel if I do that visitors will book mark and return to my website. With that being said, the BEST FREE BACKLINK CHECKER I am currently using can be found here: FREE BACKLINK CHEKCER ————————————————————————————-                               — CLICK HERE TO WATCH     *****************************************************************

13 Tools to Spy on Your Competitors

13 Tools to Spy on Your Competitors By Kim Roach Have you ever wondered where your competitors are getting their traffic? Exactly which keywords their ranking for in Google? Who their top joint venture partners are? Where they’re placing paid advertising? Over the years I’ve wondered that as well. Like being a fly-on-the-wall to your competitors private conversations. But the cool part is – you no longer have to wonder. With today’s technology – you can spy on your competitors with X-Ray vision. With just a few tools you will be privy to a host of juicy info. You just have to know where to look And in this article I’m revealing 13 super cool ninja tricks for spying on your competitors. So put on your spy glasses! And let’s dive in… 1. Moat.com – This unique search engine makes it easy to find out what type of banners your … Continue reading

40 Websites like Fiverr

***** “Our time is the most valuable asset we have” Being able to outsource projects daily is necessarry in today’s marketing world. Sites like Fiverr are hot these days. There has been a lot of buzz around Fiverr.com and its success, which explains why everybody and their mother are searching for Fiverr scripts and Fiverr clones. I too have started using Fiverr as another way to make money online, and a few weeks ago, I published a post about making money with Fiverr and my experience in a post titled “How to Make Money on Fiverr“. Fiverr provides an easy and revolutionary way for anybody to make extra money online, and that is why hundreds of people are using Fiverr these days. But what if you are looking for other Fiverr like sites where you can make more money?… Are there websites like Fiverr out there?… I mean, Fiverr is … Continue reading

New Mailer, email 5000 Daily

SAFE LIST WORK! Have you ever tried to build a list only to find its not as easy as the “pros” make it out to be? I have some great news for you then, I just joined Daily Credit Mailer and found out they build a very responsive list for you to send to on a daily basis. => You Can Get More Details Here   <a href=”http://dailycreditmailer.com/?rid=5815″><img src=”http://dailycreditmailer.com/getimg.php?id=1″></a>

10 PPV Networks Rated and Tested

I had a friend share this with me, and thought you guys who use PPV Networks would like to see this.  I found it to be very interesting. The test: I ran 4 offers on each of these networks. Actually it was 2 separate offers but one campaign used a landing page, and one direct linked. I promoted pretty basic lead generation offers. I kept all the URL/keyword targets the same, and tried to be in the same as position on each network. For the sake of simplicity I am calling these ‘PPV networks’ even though that’s not the technically correct term for some of them. Basically, they are all serving ads in the form of a pop-up or pop-under window. Scoring: For scoring, I used traffic volume, conversion rate,  and click/impression pricing broken down like this: Traffic Volume (Most traffic= 10, least traffic = 1) Conversion Rate (Highest Conversions= … Continue reading

How to Sell Advertising on Your Website – 5 Easy Steps

If you are using an ad broker, Adsense, or just about any other method to create advertising income from your site, chances are you aren’t making as much as you could be. Most people believe that Google is taking a 50% cut of Adsense earnings. Text-Link-Ads takes a 50% cut of link revenue ReviewMe takes a 50% cut of review sales While I honestly could care less about ‘trends’ in the make money online world (Why would I? Most of them are ridiculous), there’s one that you can’t ignore. People that are selling their own ads are making a lot more money than people who aren’t. In this lesson, I will cover 5 steps to selling your own ads: Make room for your ads and get some up before you try to make sales Contact your competitors. Set your prices. Create a solid advertising page. Contact potential advertisers. Step 1 … Continue reading